Galaxy Epoxy Flooring System

The CCS Galaxy Epoxy Flooring system is a very tough and very colourful coating for domestic and commercial interior floors. The system is custom made on site and is achieved by seeding snow flake sized pre-coloured acrylic “chips or flecks” into a epoxy resin overlay.

The result is a smooth multi coloured free flowing floor reminiscent of the galaxy – although in full colour!

Due to the highly chemical resistant resins used to encapsulate the flakes, the Galaxy floor is impervious to common stains such as oil and grease.

The system is ideal for garages,small offices, patios, bathrooms, rumpus rooms and more.


  • Offers a seamless finish (without grout lines).
  • Highly resistant to wear and tear.
  • Water resistant.
  • Clean and hygienic.
  • Extremely resistant to dirt, and oils.
  • Cost effective.
  • Offers several designs and colour combinations to choose from.

Pricing Guideline

As a guide only, the CCS Galaxy Epoxy Flooring system costs approximately $55 per square metre for a standard fleck/flake finish and $75 per square metre for the CCS Galaxy Stonegrip finish (in S.E Qld & Northern NSW).  Please note that this price can vary depending on the complexity, size and location of the project. Trained contractors/applicators can provide a firm quote.

CCS Galaxy Colour Range