Polished Concrete

Polished concrete is fast becoming the flooring of choice in many domestic and commercial settings. Its smooth, high-luster sheen gives the appearance of natural polished stone - yet it is far more economical, durable and easy to maintain.

Common forms of polished concrete include: -

  • A steel or machine trowel finish - provides a 'smooth', slightly varied coloured concrete and is often sealed with a satin or high gloss sealer.
  • A ground or honed finish - involves removing the surface layer to reveal the sand/cement matrix and aggregate in a ground or honed finish. With this type of polished concrete, the colour of the sand and aggregates will have as much bearing on the final colour as the pigment used.

When using polished concrete in exterior areas, consideration should be given to increasing the final texture of the polished concrete. Using coarser grinding pads or additives such as fine dried kiln sand, crushed glass, carborundum or specially manufactured synthetic powders such as CCS Sealer Grip can increase texture.

Please note: Additives held within the sealer will abrade over time and should be reviewed on a regular basis.