Learn more about CCS internal flooring options from the list below.

Polished concrete

Polishing or honing CCS full depth coloured concrete results in a beautiful low maintenance, high sheen finish. The addition of selected aggregates produces an exotic result.

Rembrandt Concrete Stains

CCS Rembrandt Stains are water based and will add pizazz to dull concrete floors. Special troweling and colouring techniques, allow professional applicators to create a wide range of unique finishes. 

Galaxy Epoxy Flooring

CCS Galaxy Epoxy Flooring is tough and easy to clean, making it an attractive solution for a variety of environments ranging from garage floors, home gyms and family rooms through to showrooms, restaurants, offices and retail outlets.  The Galaxy range includes a colourful flecked flake finish, stylish metallic surfaces and a range of simple plain colours.

Florentina Spray Stone Flooring

CCS Florentina Spray Stone Flooring recreates the appearance of granite. It is ideal for garage floors and transforms dusty concrete into an appealing, functional and easy to clean space.


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