Wondering what can be achieved with CCS Stylepave Resurfacing? Walker Concreting and Resurfacing have provided this excellent overview of some of the options available when it comes to rejuvenating tired and worn concrete. If you thought your driveway or outdoor space was unsuitable for resurfacing, think again!

The photos below demonstrate that while not all concrete surfaces offer the same challenges, in the hands of an expert applicator using CCS Stylepave they can be transformed into a spectacular focal point that adds value to a property. The finishes shown are just a small sample of what is available. Visit  our gallery to see some of the finishes available and Walker Concreting and Resurfacing to find out more about their services.

Resurfacing concrete

In the case of rough or uneven surfaces, a full grind back allows CCS Stylepave to be applied for a completely new look.

Concrete resurfacing and repair

This is a demonstration of how sections of concrete can be replaced/repaired and are no longer visible once CCS Stylepave is applied over the top.

Concrete resurfacing

A combination of surface types can be refreshed with a stylish custom finish.

concrete resurfacing before and after 

A full grind back of an existing surface with a beautiful custom  designed sandstone look finish.

Many thanks to Walker Concreting and Resurfacing for providing these examples of their outstanding work. 

Walker Concreting and Resurfacing

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