Low VOC Sealers

Stainblock Enricher

Offers excellent resistance to oil and water-based stains whilst enhancing the surface colour.

Streetscape Sealer

With strong stain resistance, this sealer is low VOC and provides protection against light oil spills.

Alfresco Seal WB

This low VOC sealer protects & enhances whilst creating a rich finish rarely found in water-based sealers.

Ultra Epoxy HB

This epoxy coating system is low VOC and ideal for use indoors, providing superior protection to concrete surfaces.

Ultra Epoxy WB

High performing and low VOC, this semi-gloss coating provides strong chemical resistance for interior floors.

Ultra Epoxy Primer/Sealer

A high performance coating that is ideal for priming and sealing concrete and is also an effective dust proofer.

Decrathane Gloss + Satin

This low VOC coating provides subtle surface colour enhancement and excellent protection from solvents and chemicals.

Rapid Floor Polyaspartic

Designed for coating commercial and industrial floors, it is low VOC, extremely tough and high gloss.

Concrete Graffiti Guard

Coats the surface to prevent graffiti absorption, enabling easier removal of graffiti.


Designed to increase abrasion resistance and reduce surface absorption of liquid, this penetrating hardener retains the natural and raw concrete appearance.


This unique hybrid concrete densifier penetrates into the concrete and blocks the capillaries and hardens the surface for a dense, dust proof floor.

Densa-Con XF

Ideal for industrial flooring, this ground-breaking compound densifies, penetrates and provides superior protection from oils and liquid spills.

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