CCS Rembrandt Water Colours are water based concrete stains specifically designed to be applied to the CCS Stylepave Resurfacing System as a finishing stain.

The low odour, liquid colours can be used singularly or mixed with one another to form the desired colour tones. There are eight CCS Rembrandt Water Colours packaged in 1 litre bottles. Colours include:- Midnight, Aztec Red, Vanilla, Saxon Brown, Antique Green, Blue Stone, Sunflower and Raw Umber.


One litre of final CCS Rembrandt Water Colour will cover approx. 8m², depending on texture.

Shake the mixture well to ensure contents are dispersed evenly.

Mix singularly or with other CCS Rembrandt Colours to achieve the preferred tone. Please refer to the Rembrandt Colour Brochure for blending guidelines.

Then dilute the colour with water (no more than one part colour to 10 parts water) until the desired intensity is achieved.

Apply with a brush, squeegee, sponge or spray gun.

Make sure to apply a sealer once dry.


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