Stylepave concrete resurfacing Stylepave brings tired concrete driveways to life!

Revitalise and renovate tired grey concrete with the Stylepave Overlay Concrete Resurfacing System!

Available in a range of 30 colours, designs and textures, CCS Stylepave Overlay Concrete Resurfacing System is a cost-effective solution to dramatically enhance and renovate any concrete surface. Professional applicators apply creative designs using adhesive fibre tape or pre-cut stencils and the cement based system is then sprayed on to the surface to a 2-3mm thickness by experienced applicators. Once coated, the new surface provides excellent resistance to abrasion and weathering.

What can be coloured with the CCS Stylepave Overlay Concrete Resurfacing System?

All clean and structurally sound concrete surfaces can be improved and renovated with the CCS Stylepave Overlay Concrete Resurfacing System – including current exposed aggregate or pebble finishes.

CCS Stylepave Overlay Concrete Resurfacing System is includes a preparation layer, a polymer modified coloured cementitious topping and a protective film forming sealer.  Due to its durability, the CCS Stylepave Overlay Concrete Resurfacing System is ideal for both commercial and residential applications external areas.  The applied texture can also be modified and made smoother for internal applications.

Pedestrian precincts, shopping centre surrounds, footpaths, house exteriors (driveways and patios) and interiors, pool surrounds and median strips are just some examples of areas where the system is commonly used. With the variety of bright and bold colours and options for introducing logo image, CCS Stylepave Overlay Concrete Resurfacing System is also the preferred choice for many childcare facilities, educational precincts and theme parks.

Please Note: Any significant cracks in the concrete must be repaired prior to applying the CCS Stylepave Overlay System.

CCS Stylepave Overlay Concrete Resurfacing System is applied by specialist applicators and is not considered as a DIY product.

Stylepave colours available. 

These sample swatches use a Fine Grain finish.  


For the best indication of final colour, obtain a true to life textured CCS Stylepave Colour Card by contacting the CCS Helpline on 1800 077 744 or email

Please note: Colour reproduction can vary when viewing colours on your computer screen. Please use as a indicative guide only. Visit this page for important information on colour matching.

Download a digital version of the Stylepave Colour Card.

By combining your colour selection with application technique, you can create a unique result each time. Talk to your applicator about the possibilities.

Pricing Guideline

As a guide only, CCS Stylepave Overlay Concrete Resurfacing System costs approximately $45-$70 per square metre (excluding concrete).  Please note that this price can vary depending on the complexity, the size and location of the project and type of sealer used as the protective layer. Contact Concrete Colour Systems for Trained contractors/applicators in your area that can provide a firm quote.

Visit the Stylepave gallery to understand how versatile this system can be.

Stylepave Gallery

CCS Stylepave Overlay – Pattern Options

Create the look you want with your concrete resurfacing by choosing one or more of our standard pre-cut stencil designs.

Download Stencil brochure

Alternatively, an unlimited range of tile sizes and geometric patterns can also be created using CCS Adhesive Filament Tape. Filament tape comes in three widths to create 6, 9 and 12mm ‘grout’ lines.

Additional motifs and individual ‘made to order’ stencils are available by phoning our Head Office on 1800 077 744 or an office near you.


PLEASE NOTE: Colour reproduction can vary when viewing colours on your computer screen and other electronic mobile devices. For an accurate representation of colour please contact our Helpline on  phone 1800 077 744 or email for a copy of the CCS Stylepave Colour Card with true to life swatches.

This photo shows 3 monitors and two mobile devices previewing the first 2 rows of the same colour swatches. Note the variation in colour and intensity. 

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