CCS Industrial Epoxy Sealers are in their element when faced with harsh treatment. Designed to withstand extreme conditions, these epoxy concrete coatings are formulated with tough environments in mind. Ultra-high strength and resistant to a comprehensive range of chemicals and substances, these are rugged, durable and rapid to apply.

With no VOC content, they are low odour, user friendly and easy to apply. Their extremely rapid curing rate with no induction time make them an ideal solution in busy industrial environments. They are cost effective and provide deep non-porous protection in the most challenging of environments. Ideal for laboratories, workshops, warehouses, factories, carparks, manufacturing plants and commercial environments, these sealers are long lasting and ideal in challenging situations.

CCS Industrial Epoxy XT100

CCS Industrial Epoxy XT100 is a two part, civil grade, 100% solids epoxy resin coating specially formulated for industrial and commercial concrete floors where a long lasting and durable surface is required. 

CCS Industrial Epoxy XT100 penetrates deep into concrete to seal, protect and provide a high level of resistance to chemicals, corrosive compounds and oils.

It is suitable for a variety of industrial applications requiring a tough non-porous surface particularly those subjected to  pedestrian traffic, motor vehicles, forklifts, trucks and rubber tyre machinery. 

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CCS Industrial Epoxy PR100

CCS Industrial Epoxy PR100 is a two-part 100% solids phenalkamine epoxy concrete coatings system with the ability to bond effectively to damp, green and oily concrete. It is a very low viscosity, fast curing product specially formulated for protecting metal and concrete surfaces against corrosion, rust, oils, chemicals and other harmful contaminants. It has exceptional water resistance properties therefore is suitable as an anti-corrosive primer or final protective coating on steel and concrete tanks, reservoirs and pipelines. With the addition of CCS EpoxyFill CCS Industrial Epoxy PR100 becomes an excellent epoxy render mortar compound that can be used to patch and render various vertical surfaces and floors. Ideally used as primer under various coatings including Polyurea topcoats.

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