CCS Pro X-pose is a concrete surface retardant that produces predictable, consistent and controlled light exposed aggregate finish for wet concrete.

CCS Pro X-pose is available in three fine pre-determined depths to offer easy, consistent and predictable finer etched surfaces. It is applied topically to the surface of freshly placed concrete to control the depth of exposed aggregate finishes. This concrete surface retardant results in a consistent, very light etch to sandblast style finish that’s easy underfoot.

The low odour liquid is applied to wet exposed aggregate concrete mixes after placement, halting the hydration process to achieve a more controlled, lightly exposed aggregate.

Pro X-pose is ideal for alfresco dining, pool surrounds and commercial precincts. Specify Pro X-pose for use with both grey and coloured wet concrete.

It offers:

  • Predictable, reliable and controlled exposure depths
  • Extended exposure time
  • Ease-of-use

Download the CCS Pro X-pose concrete surface retarder flyer

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