Densifiers are chemicals designed to harden the surface of concrete.

Unlike a sealer that reduces porosity and offers a chemical barrier for the ingress of water, salts and contaminants, densifiers simply densify the surface.

CCS Densifier is a water-based penetrating hardener, densifier, and dust proofer designed to increase abrasion resistance and reduce the surface absorption of liquids on concrete floors.

CCS Densifier reacts with elements in the concrete surface to impart a low sheen which enhances the appearance of the surface whilst maintaining a natural concrete look.

CCS Densifier can be applied (one coat) to freshly laid grey or coloured set concrete by low pressure sprayer.


• Interior and exterior concrete floors
• Polished concrete floors
• Warehouse floors
• Commercial floors
• Manufacturing plants
• Distribution centres/warehouses
• Workshops and car parks
• New concrete

Please note that if you have a dusting concrete slab, excess dust should be removed by high pressure water and/or grinding prior to applying CCS Densifier. CCS Densifier will minimise further abrasion of the concrete surface.

Consult the Technical Data Sheet for correct application of the product, particularly if you are considering application over coloured concrete.

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