Additives to Enhance Traction / Slip Resistance

To assist in aiding traction, glass bead or specially manufactured synthetic powders such as CCS Sealer Grip can be used with most film forming sealers. Additives however cannot be used in conjunction with non-film forming, penetrating sealers such as CCS Streetscape Sealer.

With crushed glass or bead, the applicator broadcasts the material into the first coating of sealer while it is still wet. A second coating of sealer is then applied to lock the grit into the surface.

As a rule, crushed glass such as CCS Glass Beads are used in Epoxy, Urethane and Polyaspartic coatings only.

In contrast, special additive powders such as CCS Sealer Grip are mixed with the range of CCS Acrylic Sealers, prior to the final coat. The degree of slip resistance is directly relative to the amount of additive per litre of sealer mix and most importantly the surface texture of the concrete or natural stone. Therefore, it is recommended that a sample be specified prior to commencement of the project.

Please Note: The above additives will only aid traction. Existing smooth surfaces that do not satisfy Australian Standards for slip resistance cannot be rectified by adding CCS Sealer Grip. It is also important to note that as the sealer wears, the traction additives will also diminish in effectiveness.

For adequate traction enhancement  you must ensure your concrete surface has a textured profile before you add a coating to it.

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