Florentina Spray Stone flooring A stylish finish perfect for garage floors

Replicate the stunning appearance of granite with CCS Florentina Spray Stone Flooring. A remarkably hard wearing and non-porous overlay that is resistant to dirt, mould, grime and other contaminants, Florentina will transform a boring concrete floor into an elegant and practical surface.

Florentina Spray Stone is 100% water based acrylic polymer coating with the appearance of natural granite stone, suitable for interior and alfresco concrete flooring surfaces.

The system is applied by CCS trained and experienced applicators. Florentina Spray Stone Flooring system can entail a simple, single colour coating or can be far more elaborate through the use of tapes to create blocks or borders and multi-colours.

This low VOC decorative coating is relatively quick to install and can be applied to most structurally sound concrete floor surfaces. It is specifically designed for residential indoor (garages, home gyms, rumpus rooms, living areas etc.) and outdoor areas (patios, pathways, etc.).


  • Cost effective alternative to natural stone or tiles
  • Offers a seamless finish (without grout lines)
  • Spray installation which can be easily patched up
  • 100% water based (low VOC) without a strong smell
  • Water, crack and UV-resistant

Colour range 


Pricing Guideline

As a guide only, the CCS Florentina Spray Stone Flooring system costs approximately $65 to $80/m2 (in S.E. QLD & Northern NSW).  Please note that this price can vary depending on the complexity, size and location of the project. Trained contractors/applicators can provide a firm quote.

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