Concrete stains

Beautiful patina effects can be achieved with a combination of application techniques.

CCS Rembrandt Concrete colour stains provide a wonderful opportunity to create beautiful and customised antique style finishes such as marble, sandstone, tiles and woodgrain textures. By utilising special trowelling and colouring techniques, professional applicators can add individuality to your concrete with unique effects.

The CCS Rembrandt Surface Colouring System is designed to cover existing interior concrete surfaces with a 2-4mm CCS Stylepave Overlay base combined with specialised, attractive water based tints.

By utilising special troweling and colouring techniques, professional applicators can create a wide range of unique finishes such as marble, sandstone, tiles and wood grain textures.

Once the concrete has been resurfaced and coloured with the Rembrandt water based colours, it is then sealed with a CCS sealer to protect it from dirt and grime.

The CCS Rembrandt Colour System is ideal for internal domestic and light commercial floors. It is particularly popular in cafes and small retail shops. We do not recommend the CCS Rembrandt Colouring System for food preparation areas.

CCS Rembrandt Water based stains are designed for use on horizontal surfaces only.

Note: The CCS Rembrandt Colour System is only suitable for sound, uncoated concrete. Blue tones are for internal use only.

Colour Range

The CCS Rembrandt Water Based Stain colour range is prepared on the CCS Stylepave Overlay base colour for predictability and colour intensity.

Please note that CCS Rembrandt Water based stain can also be applied to natural, unpainted and unsealed concrete. Colours will be significantly different with this substrate.

Pricing Guideline

As a guide only, CCS Rembrandt Concrete Stains cost approximately $65 per square metre (in S.E Qld & Northern NSW), excluding the concrete. Please note that this price can vary depending on the complexity, size and location of the project. Please contact the CCS Helpline for trained applicators who can provide a firm quote.

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