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CCS Pigment Concentrates offer a permanent, UV stable method for colouring pre-mix and pre-cast concrete; masonry such as blocks, pavers, sleepers and roof tiles; mortar, grouts, Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) and concrete furniture. If its made with cement, it can be coloured with CCS Pigments.

Blended from high strength iron oxides, CCS powdered pigments are added directly to the concrete truck’s mixing bowl where the oxide colour is dispersed deep into the concrete. Once mixed, the coloured concrete is delivered to site and placed in a similar way to plain grey concrete – giving you a natural looking permanent colour that is both UV and weather resistant.

It’s that easy! Simply specify your preferred CCS pigment/oxide colour from our extensive colour range and we will deliver (within three days) the correct quantity of CCS pigments to the concrete plant you nominate.


2018 CCS Pigment Colour Range

We maintain a contemporary range of colours and as such frequently update our colour range to meet current needs. An extensive range of colours are available on the current CCS Pigment colour chart, however you are still able to specify from our older colour selections if you wish.

Download the electronic version (PDF) of the current range or contact the CCS Helpline on phone 1800 077 744 or email helpline@concretecoloursystems.com.au for a copy of the CCS True to Life Colour Card.

NOTE: the colours below are a guide only. Visit this page for important information on colour matching.

Previous CCS Pigment Colour Range

Colours from the previous CCS colours are available on request.  Minimum lead times apply for previous colour ranges.

Indications only are listed below individually.  Please use these as a guide only.


CCS Bluestone and Liquorice have been replaced by CCS Stallion at the same dose rate.

CCS Banana, Panther, Mexico, Outback, Plum and Raven are discontinued colours.

Please contact the CCS Helpline for close by colours.

How to choose colours

Samples of fully cured, coloured concrete is a desired finish are the most accurate way to choose colours. With the exception of major projects, this approach may not be feasible, so we recommend viewing our True to Life CCS Colour Card on location. This article explains why.

This textured, paint style colour chart will provide a close representation to the final colour.  Please note that some variation will be expected as you are adding colour to natural raw materials that will change over time.  Supplementary cementitious products such as fly ash, slag and silica fume may also contribute to variations.

PLEASE NOTE: Colour reproduction can vary when viewing colours on your computer screen and other electronic mobile devices. For an accurate representation of colour please contact our Helpline on  phone 1800 077 744 or email helpline@concretecoloursystems.com.au for a copy of the CCS True to Life Colour Card.

This photo shows 3 monitors and two mobile devices previewing the first 2 rows of the colour swatches on this page. Note the variation in colour and intensity. 

Specifiers who require coloured concrete samples can also contact our Helpline on  phone 1800 077 744 or email helpline@concretecoloursystems.com.au for a credit card size sample of concrete in the desired colour.

 Effects of sealers on colour

When choosing a final colour, consider the impact of the look of the chosen sealer.  The application of sealers onto a coloured concrete surface can significantly impact the final colour. Some ‘wet look’ sealers add lustre and richness to the colour, while other penetrative sealers have minimal, if any impact impact. When a specific colour is required, a sample including the desired sealer should be done to enable evaluation of the final outcome. 

Impact of sealer on final colour


The above photo demonstrates how a ‘coating’ sealer will may enhance or change your coloured concrete surface.


 Can CCS pigments be mixed with off-white or white cement?

Yes! CCS pigments can be used with all types of cement including grey, white, off white, slag or fly ash blends. The standard colours represented in the CCS colour card have been created using grey fly ash blended concrete, – the most commonly used in Australia.

Most premix concrete companies usually offer only grey cement.  Selected  premix concrete companies also offer off white cement in selected Metropolitan areas or for larger projects.

CCS Pigments can also commonly added to off white or white cement to colour concrete masonry including pavers, blocks and roof tiles as well as renders, grouts, concrete furniture and Glass Fibre reinforced concrete (GFRC).


Can CCS develop special colours for my project?

Yes! As specialist blenders of pigments for many years, we are continuously developing new concrete colours. Simply contact the CCS Helpline on  phone 1800 077 744 or email helpline@concretecoloursystems.com.au and either provide us with a sample swatch of the colour, or advise us of the closest paint colour (using the major paint company colour cards) and we will immediately commence work on the project.

CCS have an extensive library of existing samples so we can provide you custom colours for what ever your application.  Typical lead time is 4-10 working days, depending on colour and the number of matches.

A minimum order of 400kg of pigment (sufficient for 400 square metres of concrete)  is required for specially formulated colours.

Please Note: Due to the earthy tones of concrete, very bright paint colours may not reproduce well.

What can be coloured with CCS pigments?Just about any new concrete structure including:

  • pedestrian precincts
  • roadways
  • precast walls
  • buildings
  • interior floors
  • exposed aggregate
  • polished concrete floors
  • tilt up panels
  • renders
  • floor screeds
  • pavers
  • shotcrete
  • mortars
  • grout


Benefits of Full Depth Colouring of Concrete:

Colour is much better than grey!

Coloured concrete is far more attractive than conventional grey concrete or bitumen. Nowadays, many designers are inspired by the endless variety of concrete colours and finishes they can incorporate into the overall theme of a project. Coloured concrete can be used on its own or combined with contrasting or matching coloured aggregates and surface textures to create just the right look.

Long term colour performance

The surface of any concrete pavement is subjected to continuous wear and tear. So much so, that over time, the top 1-2mm of the concrete is likely to erode. Unlike surface colouring methods, full depth colouring of the entire slab with CCS oxide pigments means that surface erosion is not a problem.


Due to the extremely high tint strength of CCS concrete oxide pigments, you only need approximately 9 to18 kilograms of the material to completely colour two tonnes (i.e. one cubic metre) of 25 MPa strength concrete!

At such low dose rates, the strength of the concrete is not compromised.

Have a look in our galleries to see exactly why full depth coloured concrete is so popular!

Finishes and effects for full depth coloured concrete

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Applications and uses for full depth coloured concrete

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