CCS Galaxy Flake Flooring CCS Galaxy Flooring is extremely hardwearing and easy to clean.

Galaxy Epoxy Flooring System

The CCS Galaxy Epoxy Flooring ranges offer a highly attractive and durable surface that is resistant to dirt, grease and water.  It’s a cost effective solutions for larger areas that is hygienic and easy to clean.

CCS Galaxy Epoxy Floors are ideal for applications where an extremely tough surface is required as it will be prone to high use and abrasion.  Typical applications include garage floors, educational workspaces, laboratories, kitchens, patios, laundries, rumpus rooms and multi functional areas.

A wide range of looks can be achieved with the CCS Galaxy  Epoxy  Flooring Systems:

  • A standard single colour ideal for the highly polished finish
  • Galaxy Flake – Pre-coloured acrylic flake embedded into a single standard colour offering a marbled finish
  • Stone Grip –  Pre-coloured acrylic flake and sand imbedded into a single colour offering a more textured marble finish
  • Natural Stone Flake – Pre-coloured acrylic flake embedded into a single standard colour offering a stone like appearance
  • Metallic – Pre-coloured metallic pigments mixed into a single colour offering a marbled, pearl finish

The result is a smooth flowing floor reminiscent of the galaxy – although in full colour!

Due to the highly chemical resistant resins used to encapsulate the flakes, the Galaxy floor is impervious to common stains such as oil and grease.  This highly durable and chemical resistant system can then be used in laboratories, classrooms, auto showrooms & maintenance, factory floors and  showrooms.

The system is also ideal for residential garages, multi use rooms, offices,  patios, bathrooms, rumpus rooms and more.


  • Offers a seamless finish (without grout lines)
  • Highly resistant to wear and tear
  • Water resistant
  • Clean and hygienic
  • Extremely resistant to dirt, and oils
  • Cost effective
  • Several designs and colour combinations
  • Traction aids can be added to improve texture 

Colour Range

Galaxy Uniform single colours ( matches to AS 2312 (2014)

Galaxy Flake


View our Galaxy Flooring Systems brochure


Galaxy Stone Grip

Natural Stone Flake

Galaxy Metallic

Download our Galaxy Metallic colour range here

Custom colours and combinations are available (Made to Order).

PLEASE NOTE: Colour reproduction can vary when viewed on your computer screen and other electronic mobile devices. For an accurate representation of colour please contact our Helpline on phone 1800 077 744 or email to discuss.

This photo shows 3 monitors and two mobile devices previewing the same colour swatches from our full depth colour gallery. Note the variation in colours.

Pricing Guideline

As a guide only, the CCS Galaxy Epoxy Flooring system costs approximately $55/m² for a standard flake finish , $60/m² for the Metallics and $75/m² Stonegrip finish (in S.E Qld & Northern NSW).  Please note that this price can vary depending on the complexity, size and location of the project. Trained contractors/applicators can provide a firm quote.

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