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Gondwana Landscaping Stones - Concrete Colour Systems

Gondwana Landscaping Stones

Multi coloured Four Seasons offer an interesting patina to accentuate surroundings.

Stunning stones and pebbles for your next landscape project Waterworn and smooth, our stones and pebbles hark back to the ancient southern subcontinent of Gondwana. An enormous land mass that encompassed most of the Southern Hemisphere. Enjoy the timeless beauty of stones that have been sculpted through the ages.

Gondwana Stones come in a wide variety of sizes and colours and will bring both contrast and harmony to your landscape. Perfect for pots or for decorating large areas, our stones can be used in water features, ponds, to delineate interesting colour forms in larger open architectural spaces or simply as an attractive focus in a courtyard. Every bag of Gondwana Stone is special. Nature’s gifts offer a unique charm, and Gondwana Stone is no exception.

Be inspired by visiting our Gondwana Stone website.

Download the Gondwana Stone brochure here

The photographs depicted offer a guide to shape and size, however as these beautiful stones are sourced from nature, you can expect exotic variations in colour.

Gondwana Stone range


Rainbow Sandstones 20-50mm


Rainbow Sandstones 20-75mm


Cloudy White 10-20mm


Cloudy White 20-60mm


Bluestone Tones 10-20mm


Bluestone Tones 20-60mm


Morning Mist 20-30mm


Morning Mist 30-60mm


Four Seasons 20-30mm



Four Seasons 30-60mm




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