Colour Concrete Systems is a leading Australian manufacturer of innovative concrete colouring systems. Our decorative concrete products transform plain grey concrete into attractive features.

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Concrete Colour Systems is dedicated to enhancing the appearance of concrete, and that’s why we offer an extensive selection of decorative concrete colouring and texturing systems designed to bring concrete to life. 

Not only is decorative concrete ideal for horizontal applications including driveways, patios, pathways, garages, pathways and internal floors, it is also suited to vertical structures. Vertical applications can range from feature walls, precast building panels, traffic sound barriers, gorgeous polished kitchen benches through to creative furniture and spectacular sculptural work.

With our endless array of decorative textures and colours, you are only limited by the imagination.

Our colour pallet is constantly being developed to accomodate modern trends, and our decorative concrete systems include an exciting range of textures and techniques to choose from. Regardless of your budget or taste, we are sure to have a system that suits your concrete needs. 

If you are looking for ideas or are curious about the appearance or uses for polished, exposed aggregate,  full depth coloured, pattern, stencilled or resurfaced concrete, visit our extensive Ideas & Inspirations Gallery.

Our decorative concrete systems are not limited to making concrete beautiful however. We also produce coatings and protective sealers to keep your decorative concrete looking fresh and vibrant year round. Our range of sealers make maintenance simple and protect concrete and pavers from staining and the long term wear and tear. 

If you are a home owner, finding the right contractor for your project is critical. Visit this page to learn how CCS can assist you or contact us by emailing or calling 1800 077 744 for further information.

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