CCS Stylepave concrete resurfacing system

Once driveway concrete has been laid or resurfaced, it is important to protect it with an appropriate concrete sealer. Quality concrete driveway sealers will ensure that the surface is easy to clean, does not stain and maintains a fresh look for years to come.

CCS offer an excellent range of effective concrete driveway sealers. Depending on your budget and aesthetic preference, choose between a popular UV resistant acrylic sealer such as CCS Alfresco or CCS Hardseal Advanced, or opt for a penetrating concrete driveway sealer for a more natural look.

The acrylic sealer range is economically priced, simple to apply, can be applied soon after installation and recoated many times. They also offer an attractive sheen which will enrich the colour of the concrete surface. Some slight decrease in slip resistance may occur however, and we recommend including a grip additive for safety, particularly when sealing a sloping driveway.

Penetrative sealers on the other hand will maintain slip resistance and with the exception of Stainblock Enricher will not affect the look of the original concrete. CCS Streetscape Sealer, CCS Stainblock and CCS Stainblock Enricher all provide excellent resistance from staining from car oils. CCS Stainblock Enricher slightly enhances the colour intensity of concrete, but not to the extent that the acrylic concrete driveway sealers do.

Read more about the CCS sealer range and view the CCS Sealer Appearance Comparison chart here.

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