CCS Stylepave concrete resurfacing CCS Stylepave can be used to create interesting focal points incorporating line and colour

CCS offer a wonderful range of finishes for decorative concrete driveways. From full depth pigment colour through to the CCS Stylepave Resurfacing System. Whether you are installing a driveway from scratch, or revitalising a tired, drab driveway, we have a suitable solution for you.

New decorative concrete driveways

Creating decorative concrete driveways from scratch offers a myriad of exciting design opportunities. Options range from full depth colour, stencil paving and a range of surface textures that can be manually applied to wet concrete. CCS full depth pigments certainly add a special touch to any driveway. Whether you are looking for a subtle colour that blends with your surrounding landscape or something dramatic that accentuates or contrasts with the colours of your home, we guarantee you will find a colour in our comprehensive range of pigments. View our latest pigment range here.

Freshly poured full depth coloured decorative concrete driveways are ideal for applying texture to. Wet concrete can have hand created textures such as brooming and coving applied.  For the more adventurous, artistic imprints using anything from palm fronds to handprints are a great addition. Rock salt can also be used to dramatic effect resulting in a randomised texture and tool joints can be used to create the appearance of large pavers. The opportunities are endless! 

The CCS Stencilpave System is designed to be laid over fresh wet concrete and can simulate a paved appearance using one of the many CCS Stencilpave patterns, or customised using special stencil tape to create interesting shapes and forms. The CCS Stencilpave system provides the opportunity to lay different colours side by side or to add an antique effect using a contrasting hardener. This treatment is extremely diverse and enables the designer to create stunning, colourful decorative concrete driveways. 

Existing concrete driveways

The CCS Stylepave Concrete Resurfacing System results in striking decorative concrete driveways, rejuvenating drab, tired concrete with a selection of attractive finishes and colours. A CCS Stylepave finish, applied by a professional applicator can recreate the effect of sandstone, energise an area with vibrant colours, simulate pavers, or be used to create a custom design. Incredibly durable, the CCS Stylepave system is perfect when a driveway requires a decorative facelift.

Additional treatments

Decorative concrete driveways can also be polished, honed, exposed and sandblasted as well. Each results in a different effect. A polished or honed driveway is ground back to reveal the aggregate below and creates a wonderful smooth, semi-gloss finish with the colour of the rubbed back aggregate showing through. An interesting way to add contrast is to sandblast patterns which will reveal a slightly roughened texture. Alternatively, sandblasting can be used on a standard concrete surface to reveal the texture and colours of the aggregate that lie below. Professional applicators are also able to apply chemical treatments to freshly laid concrete to expose aggregate to varying degrees resulting in effects ranging from a deep pebble texture to a more subtle exposure of aggregate.  

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