Contractors CCS can put you in touch with an experienced contractor to ensure the success of your project.

Specialist applicators have the equipment, knowledge and experience to install, seal or reseal your project with ease. Commercial grade sealers in particular need to be applied by an experienced contractor.

While doing your project yourself is often a temptation, many CCS products require experience and expertise to install and seal successfully. Rather than risk a poor outcome, we strongly advise you to hire an experienced application specialist to work on your project. While our commercial grade sealers are suitable for residential projects and will achieve greater durability, they are not suitable for the DIY application.

Please contact the CCS Helpline on 1800 077 744 or contact us by emailing or calling 1800 077 744 where we will put you in touch with experienced applicators who will turn up to site, provide a written quote and  complete a project that you will love.

Our CCS helpline will ask you for a short brief on your project. Some of the items we will ask will be

  • The approximate size of the area
  • The look you are trying to achieve
  • Any construction challenges that may be on site
  • Your desired timeline
  • Your contact details so we can follow the project progress

Contractor vs DIY

There are some products in the CCS sealer range that are DIY friendly. These include the solvent based acrylics such as CCS Hi Build Enduro, CCS Hardseal Advanced, CCS Colour Master Sealer and a range of penetrative, natural looking sealers for concrete and natural stone. If you are comfortable painting, then you should be comfortable sealing with these DIY products.

Tips for DIY Sealing

  1. Read the product data sheet (TDS) for the sealing product you intend to use.
  2. Prepare the surface thoroughly. Your project will only be as good as the preparation.
  3. Ensure you have all of the products and the tools required before commencing, including products to dilute the first coat.
  4. Be consistent in your application, avoiding roller marks. Work in one direction, and then work across in the opposite direction to even out application.
  5. Understand the cure time. In most cases, this means no driving cars on the driveway or parking cars in carports or moving the rubbish bin over the sealed surface for 7 days.

To assist us in providing you with the details of a local professional contractor please click here and complete the form or contact us by emailing or calling 1800 077 744 for further information.


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