CCS Technical Bulletinhot tyre pick-up prevention

This is an issue that can cause stress and frustration to both the applicator and the customer and one that can be largely avoided with a little more understanding of the cause and additional preparation of the surface.

There are two factors that generally cause the issue and below is an explanation
regarding the problems.

Poor bonding of coating to the concrete surface.

Tyre rubber contains paraffin and when hot tyres are parked on a concrete surface such as a garage floor the paraffin is released and migrates into the open capillaries of the concrete leaving a barrier. This is usually accentuated with high performance, low profile tyres and can be seen on an uncoated garage floor where the tyres are parked – four shiny smooth and darker areas where water is repelled as opposed to being absorbed. 

Physical action of hot tyres on surface coatings.

When driving, heat is generated causing higher temperatures and expansion of air in the tyre and consequently the tyre size increases moderately. As the tyre begins to cool down it shrinks back to its original size. When this occurs, the now contracting tyre grabs at the coating pulling it from the surface. 

  1. To help prevent hot tyre pick-up we recommend the following preparation be undertaken.Thoroughly clean and degrease the entire surface paying particular attention to the areas where the tyres constantly pass over and sit when the vehicle is parked. Combine a high pH water based cleaning compound (i.e. CCS HD Degreaser) and hot water, apply to the surface then scrub using a hard bristle deck scrub. Rinse thoroughly to ensure that all cleaning compound residue is removed.
  2. Once the above steps are completed and the concrete is completely dry, grind the concrete surface back to the profile required.
  3. Conduct a water absorption test by placing small amounts of water (size of a 20 cent piece) in various areas, particularly where the tyres come to rest. If the water sits on the surface for more than 30 to 40 seconds the surface requires further abrasion to ensure good bonding of the coatings. 

If you require any assistance or advice in regards to applying coatings please do not hesitate to contact us on 1800 077 744 or email

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