Create a bespoke concrete floor, unique to your project with CCS Galaxy Metallic Pigments.

Beautiful swirled and pearl enhanced patterns can be created with CCS Galaxy Metallics and CCS trained specialist applicators.

The antique, multi tone look is achieved by placing one of the pre-tinted CCS Epoxies as a base, allowing to dry then mixing CCS Galaxy Metallic pigments with a CCS clear epoxy and placing with differing techniques and tools.

Every floor is unique – the result of quality products and technical skill to create bespoke  swirls and patterns.

Where can CCS Galaxy Metallic Pigments be used?

CCS Galaxy Metallic pigments can be applied to any internal concrete floor.  With CCS Galaxy Metallic system, offices, restaurants, showrooms, retail precincts, hotel foyers, cellar doors and residential living areas are all easy to update.

For shop fit-outs, manufacturing or areas where quick construction turn around is required, CCS Galaxy Metallic pigments can be used with CCS Rapid Floor polyaspartic coating and be ready for pedestrian service the next day.

What colours and designs are available?

A standard range of CCS Galaxy Metallics are available.  Alternative base colours can also be used to create more colour options.

How much does CCS Galaxy Metallic system cost?

CCS Galaxy Metallic system starts from $60/m² +GST.  Aesthetic requirements, size of project, preparation and site conditions will all impact on the final cost.  Please contact the CCS Helpline for trained specialist applicators who can provide you a quotation.

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