CCS offer a range of excellent products designed to enhance and embellish new concrete ranging from our comprehensive range of full depth coloured pigments through to surface treatments such as textures, stamping or stencilling. 

Explore the links to the following pages to learn more about method, appearance and application of our decorative fresh concrete options.

Full depth coloured concrete 

CCS full depth concrete colours are permanant UV stable oxide pigments that are suitable for colouring cement based products. We have an extensive range of contemporary colours that will enhance any project.

Stencil concrete Stencilpave Gallery

CCS Stencilpave is used to create crisply defined patterns in fresh concrete with the use of CCS Colour Hardener and CCS Paper Stencil patterns or custom taped designs by an experienced applicator.


Pattern Stamped Concrete  Concrete texture gallery

CCS Pattern Stamped Concrete creates a similar appearance to stone pavers, slate or tiles with the use of textured rubber mats pressed into wet concrete. A release agent adds contrast and highlights the texture once the mat is removed.

Textures and treatments for fresh concrete 

Adding texture to concrete opens up a world of design opportunities when combined with our full depth concrete colour range. Why settle for a traditional broomed concrete finish, when you can polish, burnish, create artistic imprints, expose aggregate, sandblast and much more!



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