Batching at the ready mixed concrete plant is clean and easy! CCS oxide pigments come in water soluble plastic bags, surrounded by protective paper sacks. Each bag of oxide pigment is specially formulated for one cubic metre of concrete. When used at this rate it will duplicate the selected CCS colour.


Concrete plant personnel should carry out the following steps during manufacture:

Ensure that the water-soluble plastic bag full of powdered oxide pigment is added to the concrete mixer in conjunction with water and aggregate and then the remaining materials (i.e. cement).

Once sufficient bags of the concrete oxide pigment have been added to the concrete mixer, the mixer should turn for 10 minutes at full speed.

To ensure colour consistency, use the same water/cement ratio and raw materials for each load of concrete of the same colour.


Applicators must carry out the following procedures:

Place and consolidate all coloured concrete over a well drained and consolidated sub-grade.

The concrete slump should be kept consistent at 100mm or less and should not exceed 125mm for any load.

No water should be added after a portion of the load has been discharged.

For colour uniformity, consistent finishing practices should be used.

Do not add water to the concrete while placing or finishing.

Do not over-trowel the concrete, as this will cause discolouration.

All final hand finishing should be done in the same direction.

When a broom finish is used the surface must be broomed in a consistent direction.

Please Note: Ensure adequate measures are taken during hot or windy conditions to ensure that the concrete surface does not cure at an inappropriate rate. Apply aliphatic alcohol during toweling and use curing compounds (that don’t affect the surface colour) after placement. To prevent surface blemishing, do not cure with plastic sheeting or intermittent wetting and drying.

Download pdf version of Full Guidelines for Full Depth Integrally Coloured Concrete

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