A few months ago Nat Stapleton of Stapleton Carpentry and Concreting had a stroke of genius.  He had just completed building a new pizza oven and was considering his next move. Should he purchase more render to coat it, or was there another solution?

Being a CCS Stylepave applicator with considerable experience, he always had leftovers lying around.  It occurred to him that the high polymer content of Stylepave made it an ideal product to handle the expansion and contraction of oven heat. What better way to test this idea than try it out on his own oven. As he predicted, CCS Stylepave made an excellent coating – stunning looks and the ability to handle changes in temperature with ease.

Concrete pizza oven

Concrete Pizza Oven coating

Nat admits that he did find the application on a vertical surface a little tricky, but not so much that he didn’t give it another go on a different oven. The result is a great looking, durable finish that is easy to clean and maintain.

Concrete pizza oven finish

The response so far has been enthusiastic, and we’re really looking forward to seeing what else he might decide to top with CCS Stylepave.  We enjoy learning about experiments and discoveries made while using our products, and this one is particularly impressive.  

So next time you’re looking at a concrete pizza oven in need of a little brightening up, think of Nat Stapleton. Follow Nat on FB and see what other work he produces. With 12 years experience with CCS Stylepave, it’s well worth considering contacting him for your next concrete resurfacing project. 

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