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Pigments and Applications 

CCS Pigment Concentrates offer a permanent, UV stable method for colouring pre-mix and pre-cast concrete; masonry such as blocks, pavers, sleepers and roof tiles; mortar, grouts, Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) and concrete furniture. If it’s made with cement, it can be coloured with CCS Pigments.

Blended from high strength iron oxides, CCS powdered pigments are added directly to the concrete truck’s mixing bowl where the oxide colour is dispersed deep into the concrete. Once mixed, the coloured concrete is delivered to site and placed in a similar way to plain grey concrete – giving you a natural-looking permanent colour that is both UV and weather resistant.

It’s that easy! Simply specify your preferred CCS pigment/oxide colour from our extensive colour range and we will deliver (within three days) the correct quantity of CCS pigments to the concrete plant you nominate.

Pigment Colour Range

Choose from the extensive Full Depth Coloured Concrete colour range to find the perfect colour for your project. You can browse the range here. 

Before you select the final colour, please request a true-to-life colour card so you can be confident you have chosen the right colour. Send us an email to request a colour card here.

If you are looking for inspiration, browse the Full Depth Coloured Concrete gallery here. 

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