Concrete stains Beautiful patina effects can be achieved with a combination of application techniques.

CCS Rembrandt Concrete colour stains provide a wonderful opportunity to create beautiful and customised antique style finishes such as marble, sandstone, tiles and woodgrain textures. By utilising special trowelling and colouring techniques, professional applicators can add individuality to your concrete with unique effects.

The CCS Rembrandt Surface Colouring System is designed to cover existing interior concrete surfaces with a 2-4mm CCS Stylepave Overlay base combined with specialised, attractive water based tints.

Colour Range

Below is a guide to just some of the colours that professional applicators can achieve, by utilising either one of the eight base tints (those in the left hand column) or alternatively mixing those tints together to achieve unique colours.

These CCS Rembrandt Stain colours are the typical result over the CCS Resurfacing Compound Base. CCS Rembrandt Surface Colouring System can also be used directly over prepared raw concrete. Depending on the concrete age and raw materials, a more muted colour will be achieved. As part of the CCS Rembrandt Surface Colouring System, a clear protective sealer is applied.  Each of the suitable CCS sealers will have an impact on the final colour intensity and gloss levels.  Please consider these variables in your colour choice.

View the colours below.



View our Rembrandt Surface Colouring System here or request a hardcopy brochure of the CCS Rembrandt Colouring System by contacting the CCS Helpline on phone 1800 077 744 or email

PLEASE NOTE: Colour reproduction can vary when viewed on your computer screen or mobile device. Please use as a indicative guide only. The photo below depicts the same colour swatches on a range of monitors and mobile phones. Colours are also affected by the density of application, texture of the underlying surface and base colour of  the substrate.

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