Rembrandt Stains

Creating a new decorative floor for residential or commercial use has never been easier with CCS Rembrandt Concrete Stains.
Stains are applied to CCS Stylepave resurfacing compound to produce an
attractive finishing stain to create a wide variety of unique finishes such as marble, sandstone, tiles and woodgrain textures. 
A finishing coat of CCS sealer protects the floor from spills and grime allowing for an easy to clean seamless finish.


Features & Benefits

  • Easy to clean smooth finish
  • Long lasting
  • Resistant to spills and moisture
  • Complete water-based system
  • Vast array of colour combinations
  • Uniqueness – no two floors are the same
  • Cost-effective

Ideal Applications

  • Rumpus rooms and home gyms
  • Foyers, reception areas
  • Light commercial – cafes and retail

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