Concrete Sealers

At Concrete Colour Systems we aim to continually consider the environment.

From the use of renewable energy sources at our manufacturing facility to the recycling of raw materials within our production processes and the development of environmentally friendly concrete sealers, we are committed to environmental sustainability.

There is a current trend for architects and other specifiers to utilise more environmentally and applicator friendly coatings. Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) concrete sealers and coatings have a low odour and are ideal for densely populated and sensitive environments such as schools, hospitals, and certain commercial areas.  Low VOC concrete sealers and coatings also emit fewer vapours into the atmosphere and are therefore better for the environment.

It is important to consider the type of concrete sealer required for the project at the initial stages of planning and placement of substrate.  Thought also needs to be given to the maintenance schedule required.  All CCS concrete sealers are high performance, hard wearing products which offer superior protection to any decorative concrete project.

Concrete Colour Systems water based concrete sealers that are low odour and low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) include:

  • CCS Streetscape Sealer (penetrating)
  • CCS Stainblock Enricher (penetrating)
  • CCS Alfresco Seal (acrylic)
  • CCS Decrathane (urethane)
  • CCS Concrete Graffiti Guard (urethane, anti graffiti)
  • CCS Ultra Epoxy WB (epoxy)
  • CCS Densifier (surface hardener)
  • CCS Industrial Epoxy PR100
  • CCS Industrial Epoxy XT100

Additional Concrete Colour Systems finishing aids and cleaning products that are low VOC  include:

  • CCS Aliphatic Alcohol (anti evaporate)
  • CCS Slab Clad R (AS rated curing compounds)
  • CCS HD Degreaser (cleaner)
  • CCS Enviro Stripper (cleaner)
  • CCS Citric Cleaner (cleaner)
  • CCS Reveal (texture finishing aid)
  • CCS Pro X-pose (texture finishing aid)

If you are considering the use of low VOC concrete sealers for Green Star projects in Australia, please contact the CCS Helpline for further information.

Download advice on cleaning and maintaining surfaces sealed with CCS penetrative sealers here.
Download advice on cleaning and maintaining surfaces sealed with CCS commercial sealers here.

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