The CCS Stencilpave finish provides the look of pavers with the strength and practicality of concrete. You also have the option of choosing from a range of stencil designs, or if you prefer, a smooth plain pattern.

To achieve CCS Stencilpave, choose one of the 4 CCS Surface Colour Hardeners and if desired, a pre-cut stencil.


A secondary, antique colour can also be achieved by broadcasting a differing CCS Colour Hardener in a light random motion.

Stencil patterns can be added to complete your design.

View our range of stencil patterns here.

Where can CCS Stencilpave be applied?

CCS Stencilpave is a surface colouring option for wet concrete.

Commercially, CCS Stencilpave is common for road island infills and other horizontal infrastructure.

Residentially, CCS Stencilpave is used for new driveways, cross overs, pathways and alfresco dining and patios.

Download our Stencilpave Brochure here

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