In contrast to the three other sealers, silane and silane siloxane concrete sealers do not create a coating and are therefore good for surfaces where slip resistance and retaining a natural look may be issues.

They are often referred to as ‘penetrating’ concrete sealers because they absorb into the concrete to repel the ingress of moisture while allowing vapour to escape from the inside of the surface.

For larger pedestrian and public eating areas, where staining may be an issue, CCS Streetscape Sealer and the premium CCS Stain Block offer excellent resistance to oil based stains. CCS Stain Block also offers excellent resistance against food stains and marks left from chewing gum residue.

Although they can be used for horizontal surfaces, silane based concrete sealers such as CCS Natural Seal Supreme HV are most commonly used for coating exterior vertical walls – to stop wind driven rain and salt from penetrating the concrete and causing the reinforcing steel to rust and eventually spall the concrete.

Also in the CCS penetrating concrete sealer range is the water based CCS Densifier. CCS Densifier works to harden, densify and dustproof concrete floors. When applied, the sealer imparts a low sheen which enhances the appearance of the concrete while retaining a natural look.

Because of their excellent penetrative nature, CCS penetrating concrete sealers will not alter the general appearance or texture of decorative concrete (Note:- CCS Streetscape Sealer and CCS Densifier will impart a low sheen which may make the surface slightly darker).

Hence, if you want to gain the benefits of sealing concrete but desire the natural look, CCS penetrating concrete sealers are ideal and in many cases, they can also be used for protecting and sealing concrete pavers, natural stone and porous tiles.

Our range:

Low VOC, environmentally friendly CCS Sealers

Included in our range of concrete sealers are four low VOC (volatile organic compounds) sealers suitable for streetscapes, commercial, residential and industrial projects.

CCS Streetscape Sealer

A waterborne, single component, penetrating silane-siloxane sealer designed to improve stain resistance and protect concrete, masonry, pavers, and porous natural stone from the ingress of water, salts and staining from oil based contaminants (such as food and beverages).

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