Types of Concrete Sealer

There are five main types of concrete sealer that are applied to concrete. Each of these concrete sealers have different features which make them suitable for particular situations.

  1. Acrylic Concrete Sealer (all purpose coatings, suitable for DIY)
  2. Urethanes (extremely tough and durable concrete protection)
  3. Penetrating Concrete Sealer (penetrates into surface and provides a natural look)
  4. Epoxy Sealer (extremely tough and durable, internal use ONLY)
  5. Polyaspartic (extremely quick drying)

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1. Acrylic Concrete Sealers (all purpose coatings suitable for DIY)

Acrylic sealers, such as CCS Hardseal Advanced and CCS Hi-Build Enduro, are the most widely used range of sealers and preferred by the concrete industry. They are UV resistant, relatively easy to apply, can be applied soon after concrete installation, are economically priced and have excellent recoating abilities.

Acrylic concrete sealer is ideal for exposed aggregate, full depth coloured concrete, stencil concrete, pattern concrete and Stylepave concrete overlays.

CCS Acrylic Sealer Range:


  • CCS Hi-Build Enduro
  • CCS Hi Build Enduro Matt
  • CCS Hardseal Advanced
  • CCS Same Day Sealer
  • CCS Alfresco


  • CCS Colour Master Sealer
  • CCS Petrol Resistant Sealer

2. Urethanes (extremely tough and durable)

CCS Urethanes are available in both water based or solvent based formulas. Urethane concrete sealers such as CCS Armourthane, CCS Armourguard and CCS Decrathane, are much thicker than acrylic sealers and are extremely resistant to physical and chemical attack. They will offer excellent concrete protection for between 4-8 years before reapplication is required.

Their abrasion resistance is approximately 3 to 4 times greater than acrylic concrete sealer. Consequently, they are the ideal sealer for indoor and outdoor areas such as shopping centres, walkways, cafe floors, amusement parks and other areas subject to constant pedestrian or vehicular traffic.

CCS Urethane sealers are ideal for polished and honed concrete.

Unlike the Acrylic concrete sealer family, when renewing the sealer (after several years) the surface will require sanding to ensure an effective bond to the new coating. They are relatively sensitive to airborne moisture and therefore need to be applied in the daytime. The application of water based urethanes can also be challenging on dense surfaces so in the majority of cases, CCS suggest Urethanes be applied by experienced applicators.

CCS Urethane range:

  • CCS Armourthane
  • CCS Armourgard SP
  • CCS Decrathane Gloss
  • CCS Decrathane Satin

3. Penetrating Concrete Sealer (penetrates into surface creating a natural look)

CCS penetrative concrete sealer is ideal when the focus is minimising the impact of slip resistance and retaining a natural look.. This group of sealers are often referred to as ‘penetrating’ sealers because they absorb into the concrete to repel the ingress of moisture, while allowing vapour to escape from the inside of the surface. In contrast to the other sealers types, silane and silane siloxane concrete sealers do not create a coating and are therefore good for surfaces where slip resistance and retaining a natural look may be issues.

CCS penetrative concrete sealer is designed for use in both horizontal and vertical applications in residential and commercial environments.

For larger pedestrian and alfresco dining areas, where oil and food staining may be an issue, CCS Streetscape Sealer and the premium CCS Stain Block and CCS Stainblock Enricher offer excellent resistance to oil and water based stains. CCS Streetscape seal also offers marks left from chewing gum residue.

The more economical CCS Natural Supreme HV is commonly used for coating exterior vertical walls and pool surrounds where concrete and natural stone are not exposed to oils. Application of CCS Natural Supreme HV minimises the ingress of wind driven rain and salt, which causes reinforcing steel to rust and eventually spall the concrete.

In addition to the traditional penetrative concrete sealers that offer a chemical resistance to contaminants, CCS also manufacture a surface hardener and densifier. CCS Densifier works to harden, densify and dustproof concrete floors.

CCS penetrative concrete sealers offer a natural look. When applied to grey and coloured concrete, a CCS penetrative concrete sealer won’t alter the general appearance or surface texture.

Where colour enhancement or darkening is desired, consider applying CCS Stainblock Enricher which will gently enhance the concrete colour.

Where applying CCS penetrative sealers to natural stone, enhancement will be dependent on the porosity of the stone. Generally, there is more enhancement on more dense natural stone.

Because of their excellent penetrative nature, CCS penetrating concrete sealers will not alter the general appearance or surface texture of concrete. That is there will be no or very minimal change in surface texture when applying CCS Penetrative sealers to concrete.

Please note that CCS Streetscape and CCS Stainblock Enricher are water based, low VOC and are suitable where low odour is critical.

Download advice on cleaning and maintaining surfaces sealed with CCS penetrative sealers here.

CCS Penetrative Sealer range:

  • CCS Stain Block
  • CCS Stain Block Enricher WB
  • CCS Streetscape
  • CCS Natural Supreme HV

CCS Surface Hardener & Densifier

  • CCS Densifier

An example of CCS Streetscape on CCS full depth coloured concrete.

 4. Epoxy Sealers (extremely tough and durable, internal only)

Providing approximately twice the abrasion resistance of acrylic concrete sealers, epoxy sealers are designed for internal floor applications only.

CCS Ultra Epoxy WB (water based and low VOC) and CCS Ultra Epoxy High Build provide long term durability, as well as excellent stain and chemical concrete protection and can be used in the following situations:

  • Decorative, flake and metallic flooring (CCS Guidelines for Galaxy Flooring System).
  • Low odour, hard wearing, chemically resistant coating for industrial, commercial and hygiene areas subjected to rigorous cleaning and high wear.
  • Abrasion and solvent resistant floor coating
  • For industrial use in facilities such as hospitals, schools and kitchens
  • For industrial and manufacturing use subject to forklifts

CCS Epoxy range:

  • CCS Ultra Epoxy WB Primer Sealer
  • CCS Ultra Epoxy WB
  • CCS Ultra Epoxy High Build
  • CCS Industrial Epoxy XT100

5. Polyaspartic (quick drying)

Polyaspartic coatings are extremely quick drying. In most cases, vehicles can drive on a cured surface after 24 hours.

Polyaspartics are low odour and can be used internally and externally, however when used externally additional traction aids may be required.

Typically applications are shop fit outs, manufacturing spaces, laboratories, industrial sites and residential areas where a quick turnaround is required.

Polyaspartics offer excellent stain, water and abrasion resistance.

CCS Polyaspartics can be used in conjunction with the CCS Galaxy Epoxy Flooring system to offer a quick handover time.

CCS Polyaspartic range:

  • CCS Rapid Floor Polyaspartic Sealer 

Sealer Appearance Comparison

No sealerNo sealer applied Surface coating acrylic sealerCCS Hardseal Advanced Surface coating acrylic sealerCCS Hi-Build Enduro Matt Surface coating acrylic sealerCCS Hi-Build Enduro Surface coating acrylic sealerCCS Alfresco WB
  Surface coating urethane sealerCCS Armourthane Surface coating urethane sealerCCS Armourthane Universal Flatting Agent Surface coating urethane sealerCCS Decrathane Gloss Surface coating urethane sealerCCS Decrathane Satin
  Penetrating sealerCCS Stain Block Penetrating sealerCCS Stainblock Enricher Penetrating sealerCCS Streetscape Sealer WB Penetrating sealerCCS Natural Seal H/V
  Penetrating SealerCCS Densifier Surface coating epoxy sealerCCS Ultra Epoxy Sealer WB Primer/Sealer Surface coating sealerCCS Rapid Floor Polyaspartic Sealer  

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